Friday, April 29, 2011

Beer Shout Out: A Practical Wedding

This is so cool! Boobs and Beer was linked over at A Practical Wedding.
My wedding is May 21! It's coming up so soon!

If you're wondering, we are for sure having Oberon and Detroit Brewing Lager, as far as beer choices go. It was suggested that I round out the flavors with something with a little more hops. I suppose I could go with Miller Lite, as it is Triple Hops Brewed. But that's not a Michigan brew!
Any suggestions for a reasonably priced, Michigan beer with prevalent hops?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Beer News: New Law Lets Grocery Stores Give Beer Samples

You all know that new law that lets grocery stores sell alcohol before noon on Sundays?
Well this same law also lets grocery stores give samples of beer and wine in the store.
All grocery stores have to do is purchase a one-time $70 permit, apply for a free event permit and give training to their employees. This seems like a pretty good deal for stores to help you decide on that pricey drink from a different kind of brewer.

Kroger and Whole Foods are two chains that are currently offering this.
And West Michigan Spartan and D&W stores are having events this weekend.

As a shopper at the store, you simple need to provide your ID showing that you are 21+.

For more on this, check out MLive.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beer News: Memorial to Pierre Celis

Pierre Celis - Father of Wit Beer (March 21, 1925 - April 9, 2011)

Pierre Celis was a Belgian brewer who opened his first brewery in 1966 to revive the wit beer style in his hometown of Hoegaarden. Pierre was born on March 21, 1925 in his family home on the edge of the Hoegaarden town square. He grew up working on his father's cattle farm, but also helped out in the brewery of his neighbour Louis Tomsin. Tomsin brewed wit beer, which was a speciality in the region around Celis' home town. After Tomsin closed his brewery in 1955, wit beer disappeared from Hoegaarden. Celis, who became a milkman after he married, took up beer making in 1965. The first year he started out with a wash tub in the barn of his father. With a loan from his father he bought equipment that came from an abandoned brewery in Zolder. His first batch of Hoegaarden beer was made on 19 March 1966 and he opened Brouwerij Celis (Celis Brewery). In 1980 he opened Brouwerij de Kluis as he transferred the production to new buildings. In the late 1980s his brewery burned down. Because the buildings were not insured, he was forced to sell his company to Interbrew, now AB Inbev. He then founded the Celis Brewery in the USA, which was managed by his daughter Christine.

In Honor of Pierre, I recommend drinking a Celis White, or Celis Raspberry today.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Beer News: Bell's Brewery to Start Selling Beer in Cans

In 2012, start looking for Bell's beer in cans! So that means all you sports fans, beach goers and boaters can now bring your favorite Michigan beer to the party.

Via M-Live

KALAMAZOO — Bell's Brewery Inc. is planning to install a 500-cans-per-minute canning line at its Comstock Township facility by spring of 2012 as part of an on-going expansion project, president Larry Bell said Wednesday.

By comparison, the main bottling line at Bell's, Michigan's largest brewery, runs about 260 bottles a minute.

Bell said bottles will continue be the container of choice for most bars and restaurants, but putting beer in cans opens opportunities in the boating, golf and sports venue business that aren't currently available.
"Right now cans are doing about 3 percent of the craft beer market," Larry Bell said. "They probably will skew a little bit higher in Michigan, we think, because the nature of drinking opportunities for cans in this state is greater than other states."

Bell said the final decision hasn't been made on which of his beer brands would end up in cans, nor has Bell's decided what size cans it would use.

Houghton's Keweenaw Brewing Co., which opened in 2004, was the first microbrewery in the state to can craft beer.

Rochester Mills Beer Co., of Rochester, and MillKing It Productions, of Royal Oak, are the only other breweries in the state to can.

Arcadia Brewing Co., of Battle Creek, and Brewery Vivant, of Grand Rapids, have purchased canning lines and plan to begin canning in April.

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