Thursday, September 17, 2009

Beer Review: Bell's Brewery Octoberfest

I found the Octoberfest Beer by Bell's Brewery at my local Oade's Big Ten. Oade's is a beer and liquor specialty store in the Greater Lansing, MI area. I got a 6-pack of bottles for $11.76 after tax. The cap is traditional, not a twist-off. The bottles were not chilled. But Oade's has a "build your own 6-pack" where you can get chilled single bottles to make your own. The label, although beautiful, on these bottles is not stuck on very well. By the time I was done pouring the beer in to a mug, the label has half fallen off.

The description at the Bell's website says, "A coppery amber lager that showcases a full bodied, malty flavor that is balanced by a refreshing bitterness derived from fine noble hops."
There is about 2 fingers of head that dissipates very quickly. This is very similar to Bell's Oberon. The color is bright orange and clear. This is another similarity to Oberon; however Octoberfest is more orange/amber in color.
This beer smells like beer. There is very little pumpkin or spice scent. The flavor is similar. It is a barely sweet beer, with a hoppy finish. The carbonation is very fine, but abundant. It's very tingly and enjoyable :) Although a lot about this beer feels light, it settles heavily and satisfyingly.
I think next time, I will drink this beer out of a pilsner glass instead of a frosty mug.

This is a beer I wish were available year round. This is a very flavorful beer, without too much pumpkin flavor (which I think is a fault of other Fall beers). I have a feeling this 6-pack will be gone quickly.


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