Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beer Review: Bell's Lager of the Lake

Recently I tried Bell's Lager of the Lake. I had this beer on draft at Crunchy's of East Lansing. Crunchy's offers a "bucket of beer" which I shared with about 10 friends. (We also got a free pizza with the bucket, as part of the special.) A "bucket" is literally that. It is a utility bucket which they fill with beer. They give the group pitchers and plastic Dixie cups to share it (not available for groups smaller than 4 average-sized persons).

My first sip impression: this is not a very tasty beer at all.
The beer looks and smells like piss, with a HUGE head. And by the time we got down to the bottom of the bucket, we were betting each other to drink another cup.
The flavor was very bitter and hoppy. It definitely needed a sweet element to make it more balanced and drinkable. Eventually I was alternating sips of Coca-Cola with sips of the beer, just to add some sweetness and make it drinkable (it's such a shame to waste beer, even the bad ones). It's definitely a gulper, not a sipper -- just so you can get it down.
One person in the group is quoted as asking "Did they do the floors before they [filled] the bucket?"

I would NOT drink this beer again (even if it were free, and I was already wasted).
Please drink responsibly. The Boobs and Beer Blog does not condone binge drinking.


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  1. Sounds like an old keg. I've always enjoyed lager of the lakes on tap, however, I've gotten a couple of older 6-packs (looked up the batch number, it was 14 months old) and it tasted like you describe. I'm guessing somebody left the keg in the sun too long and it bruised (which bell's beers do easily).


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