Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beer Review: Founder's Cerise Cherry Ale

Today I am reviewing the Cerise Cherry Ale by Founders (Grand Rapids). I tried this drink on draft at Crunchy's of East Lansing. Right now, Crunchy's is having their annual localvore event -- all their beers and cheese are from Michigan. There is a Founder's Brewpub in Grand Rapids, MI.

This is a very beautiful beer. It was served in a clear, classic pint glass (also available in a 25 oz. mug). There was hardly any head on it. But it was a beautiful red/magenta color. This is probably the reddest beer I've ever seen, even more red than the Irish Reds.
It smelled like a wheat beer (which I am partial to) and slightly of cherries.
The very first sip is very tart. But if you give the beer some time to linger it goes through a wonderful progression of four flavors: wheat --> cherry --> wheat --> pumpkin . The pumpkin flavor comes if you can stand to stop and let the beer flavors mellow in your mouth. This was not something I did more than once with this beer unfortunately, because it is too delicious! It went down very quickly, despite good conversation that night at the pub. When I got near the bottom, and let the beer warm slightly, the cherry flavor got MORE tart. The beer with more amazing flavor near the end is definitely a beer worth drinking! (Reminiscent of Sam Adams' Spring Ale.) Speaking of the bottom of the glass, of all the little head that there was, the head was so thick that it stuck to the sides of the glass all the way down. It makes for a great experience.

Overall, this is a very balanced beer. It is start and sweet and slightly savory all at once. And it is beautiful when drunk from a pint glass at the pub. I would DEFINITELY drink this again -- but I think I will look to find it for less than $5 for a pint.



  1. Evan Van SlootenJuly 22, 2009 at 2:25 PM

    Have you had a beer called "Terrible"? I only know of one place to get it, a tiny little store nearish College. One of the best bears I've ever had!

  2. You need to come to Founder's on a Monday night. Pints of Cerise are $2.75.


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