Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beer Review: Market Street Pub's Frau Blucher

Last week I was in Florida for vacation. I was tipped off by about a brewery in Gainesville, the Market Street Pub. This is a quaint English-style pub. Their website was really lacking, so I wasn’t quite sure what kind of beer I would be encountering.
They had one house brew available, Frau Blucher. (Note the Young Frankenstein reference.) It was described as : "Traditional dunkel wheat with understated hops, lending to a sweet malty finish."
Cool. I ordered a pint. No gimmicks here, this is a straight up bar, with a selection of pub food (more on that later).
The Frau Blucher had no head and minimal carbonation. Its color was very dark but clear; think a Guinness that was clear. Its taste was very acidic, and reminded me of a ‘malt beverage’ that was beer flavored. It was sour, with a little bit of sweet for balance. And although the smell kept reminding me of the restroom, the beer grew on me while I drank it. I think it would go very well with a sausage meal.
Speaking of food, the pub also had a small menu selection, mostly traditional pub food. However, since Florida is in The South, they also offered black beans and rice. Let me tell you! This place has the best black beans and rice I have ever had!
My suggestion: order a import English beer and the black beans and rice.


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  1. I am really disappointed in a lot of places that brew a round just because every one else does.


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