Sunday, August 2, 2009

Beer Review: New Holland Brewery’s Copper Pot Vienna Lager

I ordered the Copper Pot Vienna Lager at the New Holland Brewery Pub in Holland, MI. It was one of their specialties on tap on Thursday, July 30 2009. I have a feeling that finding this brew at any other time would be difficult. They offer it in a 16 oz, 20 oz, pitcher and “boot” size (comes in a pitcher shaped like a boot a la “Beerfest”). Flights of multiple brews are also available – for more on this, wait for my brewery review. The pint cost $4 and was served in a stout glass.
My overall impression of this beer is that it is a surprising light-feeling lager. I really wanted to keep drinking it!
The head is about 1 inch, it was creamy but was able to maintain a lightness that was unexpected, not thick at all. It is a medium-dark caramel color, which was very beautiful. But I couldn’t help but notice that the color on every beer at New Holland Brewery was nothing short of beautiful.
This lager smells like wheat with a light yeastiness. The first sip is somewhat surprising, in that it is sweet. Although not overwhelming by any means, this sweet beer was a welcome contrast compared to my average pint. This sweetness adds to a well-balanced flavor profile: wheat, sweet, light bitter, hops. These four flavors, I think, are what every beer drinker wants out of their drink! As the beer warmed up, it started tasting crispier, almost like a good salad. The hint of vegetable started coming out as it warmed. This beer may possibly win me over to the dark side of warm beer drinking!
I will definitely order this beer again – if I can find it.


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