Saturday, October 16, 2010

Beer Review: Saugatuck Brewing ESB Amber

The Saugatuck Brewing Company is located on the shores of Lake Michigan in Saugatuck, Michigan. The label on this bottle is very cute and mid-west. What looks to be a close family is sitting together along a fence with signs that say “Saugatuck” and “I love Amber.” The tagline reads: A British style Extra Special Bitter with an even balance of malt and hops.
I got this bottle at my local Oade’s Big Ten in a mixed six-pack.

The first taste is very bitter hops. But, since it’s an Extra Special Bitter (ESB), that is expected. And true to its word, it’s a very balanced flavor. Yes it’s bitter, but the malt is definitely there and then there is a subtly sweet aftertaste. At the end of the day, this is quite a nice hops flavor, too. It’s not harsh, and it certainly isn’t too mellow; it’s like your best friend, just right.
The amber comes out in its rich color and the sweetness of the malt. And like a lot of other ambers, this ale is only lightly carbonated - not overly fizzy like many hop-centric beers can be.
I’m not usually a fan of hoppy beers, but SBC got this right – very right. Definitely worth a try, and worth your money.


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